Why We Are Here

Born and bred in coastal California, we’ve loved Hawaiian shirts since we were kids, roaming our dads’ closets for the best prints. But as we evolved, the styles stopped evolving with us, so we decided to modernize the shirts we love the most.

How We Made It Modern

Out with baggy styles, rough textures, and outdated prints -- in with tailored fits, functional fabrics, and vibrant designs. From the ground up, we’ve created a shirt that is bold, comfortable and versatile, ready for the next beach session or board meeting.

For The Modern Man

In these modern times you expect modern apparel, especially when it comes to the shirts that you love the most. Our bold colors, creative prints, and versatile fabric, combined with a fit that makes you feel invincible, will empower you to express your authenticity, spread your positivity, and be the modern man that you are.

It's More Than A Shirt

As modern men, we understand how important it is to promote positive change to protect our global community. For this reason, you can donate 5% of each sale and choose what cause it goes towards, to include COVID-19 victims, environmental sustainability, racial inequality, education and hunger. The choice is yours.